Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Still young ?

Since the beginning of the year, I have been saying endless ' I am still young, there is a long way ahead'

So, I guess with that hypotheses, I tested my body today, both physically and mentally. Mentally, I probably suffered a little but physically I thought I delivered.

3rd day of CNY, long day indeed. Having driven back from Ipoh the night before and spent the night gambling away with PE1 peeps again, I woke up at 9am the next day - not a bad start considering a 3am sleep.

The day was long - house visiting, eating more than i should, even dropping by the office, before the reunion dinner with the Kheng family !! Followed by of course, with a late night movie, which have now become a tradition in the family. Saw this absolutely hot girl btw, apparently she's some famous facebook socialite but she is not as pretty as one would've thought. Hot. full stop.

Movie done by 2am, back home, pack, 230am sleep. Woke up at 530am. Started my journey down to Kuantan. Got in before our 9am morning meeting, even managed a short toilet break and 5mins nap along the way! Read and worked all day and crashed in a 20minutes nap after lunch.

After work, dinner, checked in, took the car out to wash (in Kuantan, you have to wash it at least once a week, this place is absolutely polluted). fell asleep for 30minutes until 930pm. Managed to throw in a 20 minutes biking/physio before heading out to fuel up and eat some supper.

Writing this at 1240am after my apple dosage and still not feeling sleepy. Not bad for a 5+3hours+20+30 sleep over the last 24 hours.

off to bed now and will decide on Man U vs Real Madrid game. 

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