Friday, April 12, 2013

Technical appreciation

I often wonder, how is the world so unfair? Basically, whoever that is the first to touch the monetary transaction will be rewarded the most, leaving little for the rest. This happens across industries and governments. It is always the financial-related people who gets the first cut.

In my opinion, this is certainly unfair and the highest reward should be given to the manufacturer, the team behind the products. Without any products, there will not be any monetary transactions. The oil traders, the financial analyst... how many times have you heard a scientist or engineer that makes more than bankers? I may be bias in this as I'm an engineer but the amount of work engineers put in, its proper blood and sweat whilst the pretty-boys strut their stuff in nice offices and designer suits.

The agricultural industry, one that is more important than anything else, is again, the least profitable. As sustainable as it may sound, it is a far cry from the oil and gas industry or the electronics industry.. nevermind the financial district that keeps their profit and allow the public to bail them when they are in trouble. Hence, you lose the best people to these less-important industries. Only 3 out of 10 top students in my uni became an engineer. I often wonder how would the world move forward without bright engineers. Top management is important, but what about the back end?

When will the world revert, or ever realise the importance to pay the engineers well?

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